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The nonprofit BADD is fighting accusations that they lack integrity

The nonprofit BADD is fighting accusations that they lack integrity.
The nonprofit BADD is fighting accusations that they lack integrity.
US Rider News

An Orlando-area television station aired a report on the nonprofit Bikers Against Drunk Drivers (BADD) and raised several disturbing allegations regarding where the money from their fundraising is being channeled to and who, precisely, is it benefiting.

The original story aired on WESH at this link and most recently in US Rider News.

Of all the possible forums for BADD to officially reply, they appear to have chosen the Facebook page for US Rider News and their comments section of USRN's website. The rebuttal is pasted below in its entirety; please note, that BADD opted to not answer a single direct question that US Rider News posed to them.

NOTE: It's advisable to watch the WESH news report at the link above and read the article at USRN before tackling the rebuttal below.

*****BADD's official response to US Rider News******

Billy Wyatt This is my official response to this issue.

I have been riding motorcycles for 45 years, my vintage Indian for 20.
In 1973 My brother Kim was killed by and drunk truck driver, 5 years to the day I was hit head on
at 60 mph by a taxi driver 3 times the legal limit.

I was the main supplier to the Hard Rock Cafe chain for their Rock n Roll memorabila collection
and made a fortune for 15 years doing the right thing and investing.
I made the decision to start BADD in 1986 and busted my ass for years to get it going.
Only 10 years ago I was still driving from Montreal to Los Angeles just to get a Boss Hoss autographed to add some star appeal to our small giveaway.
We started the annual giveaway with 1 Bike and raised 165K. Then I had the idea of billing it the Worlds largest Giveaway which it has been for the past 10 years.
We gave away 5 bikes on the rats hole stage in 2005, however that is only a one day event and the promoter wanted us to guarantee a winner in the audience, which is impossible with one days ticket sales.
So I knocked on Bruce Rossmeyers door, he loved the idea of giving away 7 bikes on his stage and all he had to do was let us park outside.
The first year was free.

After the first giveaway Bruce met all the winners and took me in his office.
He was ready for a long term deal where BADD would be the exclusive giveaway on his property and
BADD would do exactly what we we doing, spreading the awareness and offering tickets to win.
From that day on we paid 4166.00 a month for the display in front and 3500.00 for the small office across the front entrance. Thats 7666.00 each month and it was a deal!!!
We have had a great relationship at Destination the past 8 years with many very happy winners.

We have expanded to several other locations making the barrel very large and very full of ticket stubs.
The prizes continue to get better every year and the support continues to grow.

Now for the Financials

The report was a hatchet job started by a disgruntled employee I hired to replace myself during cancer treatment and surgery.
We caught him running a side business out of my office and he was terminated.
I clearly told the reporter I was not in shape for an interview and that when I was I would answer all his questions.
He decided to go nuts and show up with cameras acting like a fool.

BADD is transparent and always has been.
While its true we raised close to 900K last year, what was not reported was we have a very healthy victims fund.
We pay 7600.00 a month to be at Destination Daytona, 6000.00 a month in Key West, 5500.00 a month in Branson Mo. and the list goes on.
We travel to all major motorcycle events around the continent, that’s rent, gas, hotel, staff, food, insurance etc.
Annual giveaway prizes cost 275,000. Then there’s the staff, 10 dedicated people that work 12 hours a day in the rain or shine at all our locations which add up to 300K in salaries. That’s over 800K and I have not touched on printing, bills etc.

After the awareness program which is our main mandate, we break even. We see millions of people a year and still have never said no to a victim EVER.

As far as the charge of different revenue reports, BADD is a Canadian based charity doing business in the US under the free trade agreement. We are required to file a state report in each state we operate in however no IRS report is required. We have created a new US BADD entity 501 C3 which only started operating here this year.
The hack reporter knew all this.
He also did not report on the fact that BADD paid for the complete funeral costs of Coral Springs victim Jack “Angel” Regan which was over $8700.00, or $980.00 to widow Dawn Davis trying to get on with her life and her new baby after her husband was destroyed.
Or the $1500.00 we paid to give back some dignity and self esteem to a woman who was left for dead by a drunk driver, all she wanted was a new pair of teeth. Or the 1000.00 we donated to Ron Catronio Big Bike Rides Childrens charity.
All these and more in the recent past, and he knew all about them.

I have over a million miles under my belt and just beat cancer, I m very sure I will beat this bum rap also.

I spent the entire week here at Destination to meet and talk with anyone who had questions.
3 Riders arrived pissed off, 2 bought 50.00 in tickets each after a 3 minute conversation.
I dont give a shit what you say about me, BADD is clean.

We just received our new registration from the state and feds, we have not lost a single sponsor.

I will forgive all those that have thrown stones before asking me about this personally,
You should always consider the source, look at who wrote the story, a citizen.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.
I am at my headquarters at Destination Daytona for the next 6 weeks, I ride daily,
you want answers? come and see me.

Danny Perkins

Like · Reply · 1 · February 20 at 6:03am

  • USRiderNews Danny, thanks for responding. WE do have a few questions that we'd like addressed. 1: Why are you using a false name on Facebook? 2: How much salary does the charity pay you per year? 3. How much money went directly to compensate victims in 2011, 2012 and 2013? (not total but each individual year) 4: Is the purpose of B.A.D.D. to "raise awareness" of drunk driving or raise funds to help bikers who have been killed or injured by drunk drivers? If the answer is the latter (to raise funds for victims,) then do you feel that returning less than 5% of the revenue collected is acceptable to the bikers who donate to BADD? Thanks in advance for addressing these issues. Scott Cochran, Editor, USRiderNews

    Like · February 20 at 9:51am

  • Billy Wyatt Scott, First off , as a media outlet you should not have started your story " You Wont Believe " You made an assumption which was wrong. You also stated I own a condo in Miami and a pleasure boat , both false. If you had simply cut and pasted the wesh 2 report, that would have been fine. However you stoked the fire. That said I will still answer any questions asked of me by any bikers. My nickname has always been Billy Wyatt anyone close to me knows this. BADD has billboards and millions of members who all know Danny Perkins is the founder of BADD. I have never earned a salary from BADD in 28 years and never will. We have a very healthy victims fund with a float of 6 figures. We have never said no to a victim and you will never find anyone we have refused. We cannot write checks to victims that do not come forward and ask for assistance.Awareness has always been our #1 mandate and we are extremely good at the job, we reach 10 of millions annually.

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