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The Noble Horse: An Equestrian Lifestyle Boutique in Oak Harbor

Sample merchandise at The Noble Horse
Heather Carder

Heather Carder remembers walking into the Manhattan Saddlery in New York City several years ago and admiring the quality equestrian clothing and accessories. The store provided inspiration for The Noble Horse, an equestrian boutique store in Oak Harbor, owned by Heather and her partner, Gregg Lanza. She says, “There is nothing like this store anywhere in Washington State.”

Anyone who walks through the door of The Noble Horse would agree that it has an unusual ambience and sophistication, like a store one would expect to find in New York City.

Heather and Gregg purchased the 80-acre Wildwood Farm in a northwest corner of Whidbey Island for show horses in 2003. Wildwood Farm fulfilled Heather’s life-long dream of finding the right place to breed, raise, train and board horses.

Four years after moving to the farm, Heather and Gregg decided they wanted to also establish a retail store with top quality equestrian clothing and accessories that would be a complement to their farm.

They opened The Noble Horse Gallery in Seattle in 2007. The store was moved to Oak Harbor in 2012 when they discovered a storefront that was available in the Old Town Area that seemed like a perfect location. They renamed the store simply The Noble Horse.

The Noble Horse is intended for people who love the equestrian and country lifestyles, but don’t necessarily own horses. This niche store is aimed at four major target audiences:

  • People who like high caliber country-style furnishings, clothing and accessories;
  • People who know someone who is a horse lover and want to find an appropriate gift for their friend;
  • People who enjoy the equestrian/country-style of fashion: flattering, tailored clothing made with quality fabrics;
  • People who have a love of equestrian-inspired vintage clothing.

Items featured in the store include fine quality apparel for men, women and children; home décor; gifts; art; and jewelry. A specialty of The Noble Horse is vintage equestrian-inspired clothing, clothing that is at least 20 years old. Heather has collected pieces from vintage shops around the world.

The Noble Horse is located at 881 S.E. Pioneer Way. Store hours are 11-6 Tuesday thru Friday, 10-6 Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday.

The website includes detailed information about items for sale at The Noble Horse, and provides a source for ordering on-line:

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