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The noble friend

Somewhere @ GoGo

There may be some person in your life, that when you think of them, it’s just hard for you to like them or even think kind thoughts about them. This type of person the Dalai Lama calls a sacred enemy, “frenemy,” sacred friend and most commonly called, a noble friend. This is somebody who helps you grow your heart, if you’re willing. Regardless of the type of situation or circumstance, this person is fulfilling an agreement (with you) made somewhere and some place in time to do whatever needs to be done to “assist” in your greatness.

We know people come into our lives for a reason, a season, and for a lifetime, each meets a need to stretch you and proves to be an answered prayer. During these times, we are to accept the lesson and the instructor; our noble friend, with love and a great appreciation, that they have kept their word. They have arrived for whatever the charge, to do what they have agreed to do…for you

"In this time of high resolve, our noble friends have the courage to dare a deed that challenges and to kindle a hope that inspires" ~Howard Thurman