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The No-Turkey Thanksgiving Feast at Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach

A beautiful, peaceful healing retreat in natural surroundings.
A beautiful, peaceful healing retreat in natural surroundings.
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I saw an adorable video of an animated turkey singing a turkey survival song to the tune of "I will survive." Unfortunately, most turkeys are doomed during the Thanksgiving holiday. Most families do not consider it an authentic Thanksgiving meal without the turkey, stuffing and all the additional accoutrements - cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, etc. Most of us look forward to an eating fest after which we may need Pepto Bismol or an immediate nap from all the food, the fat and the sugar consumed. Then it's back to the gym or back to that boring diet during the next few days afterwards.

This year I will be celebrating with a friend in a new way. We are attending the special Thanksgiving Day meal at the renowned Healing Retreat, The Hippocrates Health Institute located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Men and women from around the world arrive here for 1,2 3, 4 weeks or more to eat a totally raw diet and receive an array of detox treatments, spa treatments, body therapies, and more. They also receive a solid education in how to grow, buy and prepare health raw vegetables to enhance their new healthy lifestyle.

What's on the agenda for this World-Class Thanksgiving meal?

November 28 @ 11:30 am - 4:00 pm

Hippocrates Health Institute welcomes you to our Rawsome Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, November 28th from 11:30—4:00

Schedule for the Day:
11:30—12:30 PM Check-in & tour
12:00—1:00 PM Hors d’ouvres
1:00—2:00 PM Thanksgiving circle
2:00—4:00 PM Rawsome buffet

Cost at the doo
Adults $50
Ages 5-12 $25
Under 5 Free
Alumni $25 donation

Cost in advance
Adults $40
Ages 5-12 $20
Under 5 Free
Alumni $20 donation

Reservations required
Please call 561.471.8876 x2187 or email
Pre-pay with Credit Card. Cash & credit card accepted at the door.
Meal plans not accepted for this event

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