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The No pants subway ride N.Y.C. 2014 meet up

Sunday at January 12th and every year, for over 13 years, it starts, a” No pants subway ride N.Y.C.” As a large groups of nonconformist, free thinkers,and just people wanting to be in the mix, start gathering together with the young adults, the trendy, the hopeful all the while, pedestrians just walk by in awe. You get a mix bag of party goers, who don't cause trouble, or assault each other, but they create a public spectacle worthy of a grand society at play. The most joy you can find after a subway ride from Foley square to union square till next time cupid arrives.

Check out out our partners from The Opinionated and more pic's at for more info.
Check out out our partners from The Opinionated and more pic's at for more info.
Salter hutchinson
The ride of your life
Salter hutchinson

Improv Everywhere

2014 tens of thousands of people took off their pants on subways in over 60 cities in 25 countries around the world. Here is the NYC video, featuring over 4,000 participants on 11 different train lines.

Every person you have at, and around Foley square is full of glee. As they hear over the bullhorn, London, Japan, even as far as Cairo is joining in. The crowd being spied on by a Camera drone, camera men/woman, even news vans from channel "4 NBC" in New York is parked to get the start of this now traditional multicultural event. It is still just about having fun and meeting up for now, let's hope it stays that way. After parties rise up and the theme is fashionable and under dressed, that go on till the wee hours. The team from "N.y.c 4 nerds" are having a blast; while groups from all the sub cultures crews, Clique out in style.

Improv Everywhere founded the event in 2002 in New York. Since then, the event has spread across the world, from Mexico City to Berlin to Hong Kong. This year, passengers aboard trains in 65 cities in 25 countries participated.

Foley Square itself seems very tame, and quiet, as groups all over the city form elaborate systems and spread everyone out all over the N.Y..C subway system. All over the subways systems the pants less head to Union square to rock out. The true test of this event is to find your train. Then you must sit down, stand and act normal. If asked “ what's going on or are you cold?” Your answer is, nothing going on, or yes!, you are cold and you can't find your paints. Otherwise act if everything is normal.

The scene at Union square is an all out party with your pants off. Sexy outfits, crazy underwear, Wild people having fun. Next year will be bigger, lets hope it stays classy, as any event such as this can, on and below ground. Check out the slideshow and video on this article and More pics and video coming soon from The Stronghold Music team tonight and Opinion heads world wide. Check out out our partners from The Opinionated and more pic's at for more info.