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The No Boyz Allowed League: Saturday, August 23, 2014

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The No Boyz Allowed Basketball League featured the following games on Saturday, August 23, 2014:

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Capital City defeated Locked and Lodied, 56-32. Capital City is comprised of players from a variety of high schools, but mostly Trenton Central Academy and Life Center. Capital City's Aliyah Jeune is a tremendous scorer. She can single-handedly dismantle a defense with both inside and outside scoring. At 12:53 Capital City led 14-2. Locked and Lodied (Immaculate Conception High School) made several adjustments and began to chip away at Capital City's league. With 1:10 remaining in the first half they trailed by five points, 25-20. The half-time score was 28-22.

Imani Lewis is a strong lefty who knows how to attack the seams inside the box. She has several finishing moves with her back to the basket. She can also drive in and take jump shots. At 9:28 in the second half, Capital City led 44-30. With 6:28 remaining they led 51-30.

The KJ Kidz (Newark Tech High School) defeated The Jewelz of Gladstone (Gil Saint Bernard), 36-28. This is a big win for the KJ Kidz. They played strong the entire game, making smart decisions between driving to the basket and passing. The half-time score was 19-17. When they had the lead at the end they patiently worked the ball around, using the clock.