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The Nitemare Seive's dreams come true at Legends

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The Nitemare Seive played a three hour recital at Legends, on Feb. 3. It was for the 30th birthday celebration for Nathan Moreno.

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Moreno is the vocalist and guitarist, Garrett Torrez is the bassist, Bond Vida is the drummer and Tony Baca is the trumpeter and rhythm guitarist of The Nitemare Seive. Baca is also the backup vocalist.

Before The Nitemare Seive began their set with “Ignite A New Way”, Moreno stated they had never played a three-hour long set before. Then, he welcomed everyone to his 30th birthday party and they warmed up by performing a jam session. Afterwards, he introduced the band as a whole and stated the song was about the nation’s history. He went onto say the song could be heard on their page.

“Defective Sunshine”, “Rebel Sounds”, “The Skys and Trees”, Sublime’s “Badfish”, Bad Religion’s “We’re All Gonna Die”, “Snow White Genocide”, Sublime’s “What I Got”, “Akon’s “Ghetto”, Baca’s “Blueprints” and “Hungry Soul” were also part of The Nitemare Seive’s first set.

Midway through The Nitemare Seive’s second set, an audience member approached the stage and grabbed the microphone from the stand. He spoke into it and encouraged everyone to sing “Happy Birthday” to Moreno. After singing off key and intoxicated, Moreno joked and said it was the “creepiest birthday ever”. After the spectator sat down, they continued with Bob Dylan’s “Maggie’s Farm”.

“Hide The Blood”, “War Criminally Challenged”, “Gas Flavored Grass”, “Inevitable Storms” and “Fallen Angels” were also a part of The Nitemare Seive’s second set.

After Moreno’s “War Criminally Challenged”—Torrez disconnected his cable and rolled it up, Moreno placed his guitar near an amp, and Baca stepped away from the stage. Torrez went over to play on Vida’s drums. Meanwhile—Vida grabbed hold of Moreno’s microphone, played guitar and sang. The two of them mashed up lyrics by Dumbfounded, Herbal Tea and Bruno Mars and covered Mars’ “Liquor Store Blues”. The two of them ended the three hour performance, on their notes.

“Star-Spangled Death”, “Hungry Soul”, “The Skys and The Trees”, NOFX’s “Together on the Sand”, “Waiting For My Ruca”, Sublime’s “Boss DJ”, Baca’s “Hungry Soul”, Bradley Nowell’s “Mary”, Moreno and Vida’s “Ignite a New Way” was performed twice, “Dayz”, Baca’s “Blueprints”, “Snow White Genocide”, “Defective Sunshine”, Moreno’s “Rebel Sounds”, Moreno’s “Hide The Blood”, Moreno’s “Gas Flavored Grass” and “Inevitable Storms” were also a part of The Nitemare Seive’s third set.