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The Nine of Swords: Lord Cruelty

This image was created by fusing Thoth and Rider-Waite Tarot cards.
Digital Collage by Claire Thalken

The Nine of Swords, also known as Lord Cruelty, is a card of dwelling: over things left unsaid, personal failings, worries, and problems. Most often, we are the perpetrators of our own internal suffering.

Querents receiving this card are always hard on themselves, and frequently have difficultly sleeping. They often feel like their lives should be something more grand, and have lost sight of the small joys of everyday life. They may feel as though their life has become a bad dream.

In matters of the past, this card shows a propensity to not only dig through our personal closet of skeletons, but also to dress them in more frightening costumes and then hold long conversations. Of course, this only complicates the situation.

In the context of relationships (including friendship), the Nine of Swords indicates a break, a betrayal of trust, a clash of personal habits, or someone who is not what they seem. If this card comes up, it may be best to call it quits.

To overcome this tendency, take stock of your worries and problems. Decide which ones you can do something about, and take action. Let go of those that are out of your power.

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