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The nightmare friend

'Nightmare friends' can work your nerves and destroy your life if you are not careful
'Nightmare friends' can work your nerves and destroy your life if you are not careful

Friendships come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes friendships are just like ships that sail past each other and for a moment they are at the same place but going in opposite directions. There are those friendships that last a lifetime and support you throughout your journey but there are those friendships that slap you in the face like an unwelcome nightmare. There will come a time when you'll come across a friend that is so opposite of who you thought they were that you wonder what MACK truck just hit you.

I'm talking about those friends who are great chameleons and come with evil intentions from the start, the kind that pull you in then spit you out when they've figured they've used you enough and now on to the next victim. Those kind of friendships I like to label the 'nightmare friend'. The friend that comes into your life with only destruction on their mind. We've all fallen victim because the art of what they do is that they are so well rehearsed and good at deceiving you. They take great pride in fooling the masses and the fact that they fooled you is no big triumph.

'Why' is always the question that comes next. What could they possibly gain by being so destructive in someone else's life? Why don't they value the friendship or bond you've created together? These kinds of people have been hurt by other so-called friends and have become bitter. They now make it their mission to hurt others and wreck other people's worlds in hopes of no longer being the victim. Now they are the perpetrators or predators and it's very common that a victim eventually becomes the perpetrator. It's all abuse no matter how you slice it.

A good friend allows the friendship to grow over time. There is no rush to learn about the intimate details of your life. Friendships do have boundaries and not everyone should have all-access all the time unless you've been friends for many years and you trust each other enough to put yourself out there otherwise you may make yourself susceptible to a 'nightmare friend'.

Friends who come into your life only to destroy you are part of the 'lessons-learned' portion of life's experiences. They are meant to teach you a lesson but the lesson is learning when to move on. Most of the time there is no way to be warned and it's you're job to stay alert when you begin to notice someone who tends to cause more problems than they solve. Being alert is your best bet in this tricky friendship kind of situation. keep your guard up for a while before you let a new friend know too much about you. A destructive friend could be someone who always wants to know way too much about your personal business than they probably should. Never feel obligated to share too many intimate details about your life, yourself, or your life partner. Don't share any financial information. They could be the type to try and steal your money (you never know). Try to realize that not everyone in this world has good intentions so its best just to protect yourself until you conclude otherwise. Better safe than sorry is what I'll always say.

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