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The night the ghost locked me in the basement of the Fontaine House

  From 1997 to 2003 I was the live-in caretaker of the Woodruff-Fontaine House, a Victorian era mansion/museurm in Memphis, Tennessee. I had many ghostly encounters during the five years I stayed there [see my previous articles describing some of these paranormal experiences]. The most chilling experience of all was the night the ghost played an exceptionally dirty trick on me. All my previous run-ins with the immaterial entities of this haunted haven of bygone days in Memphis were tame by comparison. This time the ghost not only scared me badly but also really inconvenienced me.

  This happened late one night after the caterers for a wedding reception had just cleared out from the basement party room of the Fontaine House. As was my usual routine on such an occason, I had entered the Fontaine House from the upstairs main floor to go down to make sure everything was left in tidy order just before the caterers left the premises. After they left, I locked the basement door and started back up the steps to the main floor. To my total chagrin, the door to the first level was bolted behind me! I do not exaggerate when I tell  you that a palpable chill ran up my spine. I was all alone in this ghost house and the obvious victim of a hostile prank. I gritted my teeth with all the courage I could summon and went back down to the basement so I could go out the door down there. I had to go through the whole routine again. I unlocked and entered the first level museum door, went and unbolted the door to the basement stairwell, left it standing wide open, and then went down and locked the entrance again to the basement. I then retraced my steps back up the steps. I breathed a sigh of real relief when I saw the door to the main level was still open. I halfway expected to see that it would be closed and bolted behind me again. Still apprehensive and steeling my nerves for God knows what further shock the ghost might have had in store for me, I went and reset the alarm and got out of the building as quickly as possible.

  [Postscript] Later that year the Ghostly Tours show of the Travel Channel came to Memphs to do a segment featuring the historical ghostly landmarks of Memphis. I was interviewed by them about the above episode. I imagine one can still find this in the video archives of the Travel Channel.