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'The Night Shift' episode 3 preview: TC deals with a wild hog situation

Fans of "The Night Shift" are waiting to see what TC and his night crew of fellow doctors will deal with next on this new NBC series. On June 7, Spoilers Guide shared a sneak peek for Tuesday's new episode, "The Night Shift" episode 1x03 titled "Hog Wild." TC will need to deal with a hunting accident during this episode.

The clip for the episode shows TC and one of the new staff interns arriving at the scene of a call by helicopter. A hog has attacked a man, and the man accidentally shot off his crossbow. He hit a woman, and she is bleeding. TC first takes a look at her injuries, but he quickly leaves her to check on the man that was attacked by a hog. It appears the hog has bitten the man's hand off during the attack. TC quickly takes charge of the situation, but his help is not moving fast enough for him.

Photos of the episode, also shared by Spoilers Guide, don't reveal much more about the episode. A pair of the photos show the doctors at the hospital. Drew and Krista are sharing a moment. A preview for the episode does show that she will discover he is gay after she tries to kiss him. Another sneak peek for the episode does focus in on Drew, who is played by Brendan Fehr. Drew participates in an MMA cage clinic with his fellow doctors cheering him on. He wins, but the man he was fighting is injured during the bout.

The summer television season has just started, but "The Night Shift" is already showing promise. According to Spoiler TV, the last episode had 6.87 million viewers. Summer programming is still not as watched as programming during the regular television season, but more networks are jumping in with new shows during the summer months. This is leading more people to tune in more to watch television at the end of the day.

What do you think? Have you checked out "The Night Shift" on NBC? This series airs on Tuesday nights on NBC.

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