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'The Night Shift' 1x07 'Blood Brothers': Lap dances and hostage situations

Paul: "This will be my first time, and I don’t want to look stupid, you know?"
Paul: "This will be my first time, and I don’t want to look stupid, you know?"
Photo Courtesy of Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Drew: “I don’t think her gyrating on you is related to her condition.”

Landry: "I don't have the patience to deal with teaching the interns."
Photo Courtesy of Lewis Jacobs/NBC

“Blood Brothers” is the July 8 episode of “The Night Shift.” Reminder: this article has spoilers, so read at your own risk. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. “The Night Shift” airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. central on NBC.

Surprisingly, no one learns that the DEA agent isn't actually a DEA agent. Well, maybe he is but he also runs drugs on the side. I don’t know, I have questions. What we know for sure is that he is insane. He kills Dwayne! I liked Dwayne! The suspense is definitely there, and the war flashbacks that we had been getting all episode really intensify this situation. Even though we've established that TC has a form of PTSD, we never really see it affect him aside from him zoning out. Will you miss Dwayne?

Yay we get a Krista storyline! We learn that she had bulimia when she was in high school, and she opens up quite a bit to Nina about the experience. Seeing as how I am a huge “House MD” fan, I don’t typically enjoy listening to patient sob stories. However, I liked this one because the focus is on Krista. What would have been really great is if Krista opened up to Drew about this case and either how difficult Nina’s parents are being or something. I just want to see a touch more. Landry and Krista talk about the case, mainly about how Landry can’t force Nina’s parents to admit her into care.

One thing I've enjoyed more than I thought I would is the teaching of Krista and Paul. Jordan, specifically, has had teacher moments where she either gives a pep talk or walks them through a procedure. With other doctors, there isn't much of a learning element. Drew and Kenny just make fun of Paul for the lap dance or tell him good work. Maybe another doctor like TC or Topher (I’m in denial about that ending, fyi) could have some more teaching moments. Also, how many other people were just waiting for Paul to remember the urinary tract infection conversation? It was obvious that it was connected to Candy’s problem.

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