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'The Night Shift' 1x02 'Second Chances': A wounded friend

Jordan: "Do you just look for opportunities to take your shirt off?"
Jordan: "Do you just look for opportunities to take your shirt off?"
Photo Courtesy Of Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Jordan: “My shift. My responsibility.”

TC: "That's a strong heart you got there. You're not going anywhere."
Photo Courtesy Of Lewis Jacobs/NBC

“Second Chances” is the June 3 episode of “The Night Shift.” Reminder: this article has spoilers, so read at your own risk. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight’s episode. “The Night Shift” airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. central on NBC.

Landry and Drew’s primary case is Antony. I’m still not sure what happened with this kid. He has multiple personalities to cover up a trauma that we don’t ever learn about. The mom didn’t abuse the kid because she herself is also suffering the abuse. It seems like the writers are implying that one of Anthony’s personalities (the last one we see) is abusive. Honestly, it is all unclear and doesn’t make a lot of sense. This is too complex of a case to cram into an episode that sees a multiple of patients.

The writers should have either cut down on the other patients present in the episode or just forgo this case all together. It seems like the writers wanted a case that showcases why Landry is in the show. I will admit that this episode made me like her more, but that is because of her scenes with Ragosa, not because of this new case. The writers will need to find a balance when it comes to the complexity of the cases they feature on the show. Because of how the show is set up, there really isn’t room to delve into one case too much.

We get a little more information on how everyone knows each other during this episode. Specifically, we learn about how TC knows Topher and so on. The writers are smart to clarify who all served together, and Nick is a great way to do that. Instead of there being a complex medical issue like with Anthony, this is a case we revisit for much of the episode because of the personal connection. These cases work in this set up because we aren’t being asked to grasp some big medical reveal. Instead, we are focusing more on the doctors’ personal lives and character instead of the patient.

The writers are doing a good job with Drew and Ragosa. We are getting glimpses at their situations. There is a ton of other things happening in this episode, and so we didn’t need another huge personal storyline. It is especially great to see a potential reason why Ragosa is so focused on TC. There could be another reason behind it all, but it wouldn’t be so far out there to see Ragosa zero in and try to control work since he has no control with what is happening to his family.

What did you think of the episode? Also if you a question for the cast, I’ll be chatting with Gabe Sachs (Creator), Jill Flint (Jordan), Brendan Fehr (Drew), Daniella Alonso (Landry), and Freddy Rodriguez (Michael Ragosa) this weekend at ATX Festival. Drop me your question in a comment below.