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'The Night Shift' 1x01: Trying to keep everyone in line

Jordan: "You can't fire him because medically speaking he is irreplaceable."
Jordan: "You can't fire him because medically speaking he is irreplaceable."
Photo Courtesy Of Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Landry: “This shift is a little Lord of the Flies.”

TC: "Sorry I'm late for your little pep rally."
Photo Courtesy Of Lewis Jacobs/NBC

“Pilot” is the May 27 debut of “The Night Shift.” Reminder: this article has spoilers, so read at your own risk. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight’s episode. “The Night Shift” airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. central on NBC.

Here’s the bottom line. “The Night Shift” has promise. It’s fun watching slightly out of the box medical techniques. You can’t treat this as a normal medical show where you stick with a case or two. There are multiples patients throughout the episode. Some you see for less than two minutes, others stick around for a bit longer. “The Night Shift” has a bit much going on, storyline wise. We've got military storylines, psych moments, and dealing with the budget crisis. It’s a bit chaotic. However, the cast is great, and some of the characters immediately hook you.

“The Night Shift” needs to take it down a notch with the storylines, and I'm not talking about the twenty million patients that come in during one night. Those are fine. It's all the personal and general hospital storyline (some of which I mention in the paragraph above). It's as if the show is trying to be twenty million things at once. Now since it is the pilot, perhaps the writers just wanted to showcase multiple avenues that they can take. Still, all these storylines are being thrown at you. Once you start to adjust to one, another one takes its place. If the writers can focus on highlighting one or two an episode, then it would work better. Maybe next episode things won’t be as chaotic.

Ragosa, the suit that is in charge, comes off a little harsh at times. He is all about cost and saving money. Immediately, he’s unlikable. Thankfully, the writers make him more than just the mean, out of touch boss. We are given some background on him. He was a doctor, but due to his loss of vision, he isn't one anymore. While it is unclear what exactly Ragosa is suffering from, it is great that the writers took the time to develop his character in the pilot.

I'm still not entirely sure what Jordan’s situation is. She is the new interim chief of the night shift, but it sounds like this is her first time working it. The writers don’t make it entirely clear. TC keeps saying, “Welcome to the night shift,” as if this is her first time. She clearly knows TC and the other doctors, but that could be because they also work the day shift sometimes. What's your take: is this Jill’s first time doing the night shift or has she done it before?

What did you think? Will you be giving “The Night Shift” a shot? Who is your favorite character? I think mine is Drew, but it might be partially because I'm currently marathoning “Roswell.” Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.