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The next time you go camping in Utah

The last time we went camping in the local Wasatch Canyons, the road was rampant with cyclist riding from the base of the canyon up to Silver Lake at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Ninety percent of those cyclist looked like they were in top physical condition. The other ten percent were well on their way to that high fitness level goal.

Besides the fact that it is a grueling climb, it is also a most beautiful vista to behold as a person climbs the heights of the canyon road.

The other very noticeable difference along the camping trails, canyon roads and lake trails were the number of hikers or walkers using walking sticks.

In times past it might have been considered a thing for only elderly or disabled people to use, but now more elite levels of athletes can be seen using the more advanced adjustable walking sticks.

In Fitness research, studies have shown that using walking sticks increased the energy used and calories burned by as much as thirty percent fitness walking and hiking. It could be the dry land equivalent of swimming as a total body workout.

While using the modern walking sticks with the spring cushions in them, you are constantly pushing and pulling with your upper body strength while doing the same action with your lower body.

Using the walking sticks gives the sensation of added power to your movement and the walker/hiker will notice an increased rate of motion when compared to walking or hiking without the walking sticks.

Most of the time when people go camping, they usually want to relax, but there are things to see and activities to do, so keep those walking sticks handy for your walks and those bicycles close for when crossing more terrain.