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The next Star Wars movie might have come early

Last year, the internet went ablaze with the news of a new Star Wars film in development. Any Star Wars movie means anticipation is running high, and although we might have to wait another twenty-one months for the next Star Wars adventure, we can all visit the web and watch Star Wars: Threads of Destiny (and join the other half-million who've already seen it on YouTube).

The poster for the epic fan film, "Star Wars: Threads of Destiny"
Tirzitis Films

Star Wars: Threads of Destiny is perhaps the most ambitious fan film ever, with impressive visual-effects shots and a feature-worthy running time. While 2005's Star Wars: Revelations and 2009's The Hunt for Gollum hovered around the forty-five minute mark, Threads ends just ten minutes shy of two hours.

The film took director Rasmus Tirzitis and his crew nine years to complete (about the same amount of time it took Lucas to make one of his trilogies), with the original photography taking place in 2005. More and more shoots were scheduled through the following years, followed by the extensive work done on the some 2,000 (yes, two thousand) effects shots.

The nitpicker might point out Threads' various flaws (from the acting or some rudimentary effects), but the film should be heralded for both its ambition and ability to bring talented fans together (the effects shots were done by an international team of artists).

If you're itching for the next film in the Star Wars franchise, give Threads of Destiny a go. It might not be directed by J.J. Abrams, but you'll honestly be too entertained to notice.

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