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The next ‘Mass Effect’ game said to be as large as ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’

Mass Effect
Mass Effect

Originally expected to release in 2013, Bioware delayed the launch of Dragon Age: Inquisition until later this year to give the developer more time to polish the game. General Manager for Bioware Edmonton and Montreal Aaryn Flynn announced to fans on Jan 19 that the delay was so that they can invest in large-scale level creation which will introduce a much larger world in the next entry of the Dragon Age franchise.

Flynn also confirmed on Sunday that their vision of the next Mass Effect title will be to create a game such as large and ambitious as they are currently tackling with Dragon Age: Inquisition. Bioware doesn’t only hope to make the next Dragon Age title feature a larger landmass for players to explore, but the developer hopes to provide bigger game systems for other aspects of the title such as tactical combat, more playable races, and the addition of mounts to the franchise for the first time. This expansion of the game’s base mechanics can also be expected from Mass Effect fans for the next game in the series.

The upcoming new Mass Effect project has yet receive an official title, but the game likely won’t be called Mass Effect 4 as Bioware wants to keep the next game separate from the original trilogy. The first three games tell the story of Commander Shepard and that protagonist’s story is complete. The next Mass Effect game will follow a new character and, as such, is expected to feature a subtitle to differentiate the title from previous installments.

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