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The next great writer goes by the name of Ty Marshall

Just like in the movie world people look for the next exciting book they can read, enjoy and share with friends, expressing the parts that stuck out the most to them. In picking books people have certain things that attract them to a book purchase, may it be the book cover, the synopsis on the back of the book, or a friend telling them it is a must read book. Every author that writes a book, tries to make it as interesting as possible in hopes to generate multiple sales.

Ty Marshall is the next great writer
Ty Marshall
A look at writer Ty Marshall
Ty Marshall

These sales can come from their publishing company pushing the book, promotional surges from other sources, word of mouth from readers, and so on. These are all key elements to the book's success, as well as the author taking the initiative to promote themselves to further their own success. Each writer that puts out a book has a vision, or a direction they are trying to go in, so they must be able to convey this by getting out their and allowing people to know them as well as their product.

Ty Marshall has started showing the world his vision, through networking and allowing people to get a good feel on what his book is all about. A book that will have many people speaking on his ability to capture situation directly as they have happened, then flipping it to a point that it becomes a page turner for his readers.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in New York, has given Ty Marshall different avenues to write about, avenues that have made him one of the hottest new writers in the Urban Fiction category. The depictions of the street life he has, allows Ty Marshall to write from a real place of experience, so it is not over exaggerated and seeming unreal to readers.

Some authors try to write about things they have never experienced, making their books laughable at times, to the people that have really (or) still do live that lifestyle. The credibility has to be there, because it's a lot of situations that represent the need for the writer to connect to readers, so the best way is to write about real situations, that others or going through. This allows for readers to connect, then become fans of writer's works, in a "I have to recommend this book" type of way.

Ty Marshall recently joined the "Official Writers League", where he can continue to demonstrate his top levels of story telling. With the help of "Official Writers Founders Ashley & JaQuavis, Ty's novel "Eat, Prey And No Love", is scheduled for release 2014.

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