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The Next Generation Training Center is making incredible strides with athletes

The Next Generation Training Center in Wyckoff, NJ is a small facility, in a small town, that produces big results for athletes.

Next Generation Training Center
Next Generation Training Center
Next Generation Training Center
L to R: Vincent Spoleti-Westmount College, Isaias Quiroz-Texas Rangers, Rob Kaminsky-St. Louis Cardinals, Trevor Reckling-MLB Free Agent, Fabian Roman-Cincinnati Reds, Dominic Paotti-LIU, Eric Rosenberg-PHS, Jared Forestieri-Director of Youth Performance
Next Generation Training Center

This past weekend was the 2014 Major League Baseball Draft and this is the second year they had players drafted!

2014 Major League Baseball Draft:

  • 8th Round: Artie Lewicki (Virginia University-Detriot Tigers)
  • 20th Round: Isaias Quiroz (St. Joseph Regional High School-Texas Rangers)
  • 34th Round: George Iskenderian (Indian River State College-St. Louis Cardinals)

2013 Major League Baseball Draft:

  • 1st Round: Rob Kaminsky (St. Joseph Regional High School-St. Louis Cardinals)
  • 15th Round: Steven Farinaro (Head-Royce High School-St. Louis Cardinals)
  • 16th Round: Fabian Roman (Lubbock Christian University-Cincinatti Reds)

Other Notable Athletes:

  • Trevor Reckling-(2007 MLB Draft-8th Round/2009 Minor League "Pitcher of the Year")
  • Juan Batista-(St. Louis Cardinals Prospect)
  • Brandon Crawley-(2014 USHL Entry Level Draft-5th Round by the Green Bay Gamblers)
  • Jordan Gross-(2011 MLB Draft-40th Round by the Boston Red Sox)

Owner and trainer, Rich Mejias, explains, "At Next Generation Training Center, it's not about the equipment... it's not about the crazy programming... it's about creating an environment where our athletes love to come in every day and train hard. We do not have clients; we have family members. Our athletes push each other every day to not only become better themselves, but to help their family members succeed."

He also shared, "In regards to our programming, I would be happy to put our programming up against anyone in the world. We are constantly educating our staff and keeping up with the most recent research to make sure that all of our athletes are getting the best training possible. Every day that someone walks through our doors we guarantee that they walk out 1% better than they were before they came in."

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