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The Newsletter introduces the talents of New Element Entertainment

The Newsletter, a marketing and branding company, always pride itself in helping talented artist hone their talents in a more professional way. If it's not on Facebook, Twitter, then it is most definitely on

The hottest P.R. in St. Louis, The Newsletter has taken up with the up and coming team of hip hop and R&B: New Element Entertainment.
New Element

You can never get too much branding, especially in a tight Independent market such as St. Louis. Every hip hop artist dreams of being better than the next. However, what they do not understand, Facebook is not going to make you an over night star.

You have to get out and push your talent; getting your music to as many ears as you can. A lot of artists complain about having to pay to perform at these venues in St. Louis. Which is a subject that should be address, however they have got to understand, most of these venues do not want those certain type of shows in their establishments.

So most promoters, must convince the venues that they could profit by offering to pay so much off each head that attends the showcases. Now, there are some scandalous showcases that most artists should stay away from, and then there are some that truly generates a buzz for struggling artists.

That is why it is imperative to have a great manager, with a P.R., who can stand behind you and assure that you are getting the most out of the money that you are spending; whether it is studio time, traveling to perform, or performing at local showcases and suspicious artist's competitions.

With that being said, I would like to introduce you to my first artist Darius Hayzlett, of New Element Ent., a big statement of an artist, who has a message to share in his hip hop music.

Darius Hayzlett a.k.a. D-Hayz, a hip-hop artist, born May 16, 1990, in St. Louis. He currently resides on the south side. He is part of a small family, one brother and one sister.

D-Hayz first started rap at the age of 11, he and his older cousins use to stay up all night free-styling on instrumental, but he was always influenced by my older cousin Darryl known as on R&B singer Mauye.

He always push him to work harder on his music, and Mauye is one of the members of New Element Ent., which includes Darius and his young cousin name Young Flow.

New Element stands for power, family, loyalty and trust.
The group started way back in 2011, nonetheless, they also do have their own solo projects. Darius is currently working on a mixtape called ‘Everybody Hatez’, so check him out.

Hit DHayz up for Facebook: @ DariusDHayzHayzlett YouTube: @DHayz Reverbnation: @DHayz IG: @DHayz99problems

(At this time we do not have anything on Young Flow, as of yet)

From a young age Darryl (Mauye) Wayne Macon Jr., knew that music was his life. If you let his parents tell it: Sarah and Darryl Wayne Sr.; he was singing in his high chair.

Born in raise in south St. Louis MO, and being the second youngest child out of 8 children. Mauye’s talent was apparent when he was a toddler, he would sing Anita Baker’s songs around the house. He always was a fan of old school R&B music, because he parents would play it from Al Green to The Isley Brothers.

He fell in love with the stage when he was going to a jazz concert and the performer asked him up stage to sing. From there on, he knew that being a performer was what he wanted to do. At a young age, Mauye had to grow up early he became a teenage father and had to put his dreams aside to make sir he was the best provider that he could be.

As Mauye has gotten older, music became a refuge to get through the hardships of life after losing his father, a man that he's considered his backbone and supporter of his dream. His father told him to go after his dream of music.

If you had to compare him with a different artist Mauye, has a unique style of his own. Mauye wants to set a good example for his 7 children; that with hard word and passion that the sky is the limit to your dreams. Check out Mauye's video in this article.

To book either Mauye or Darius Hayz as solo acts or as New Element Entertainment, please email or click here.

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