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'The Newfound Play List' highlights activities around the Newfound region of NH

"The Newfound Play List: Bike, Hike, Kayak, and Walk around Newfound Lake, New Hampshire" by Nancy J. Lincoln
Nancy J. Lincoln

Whether you are visitor to the Newfound area or born and raised here, you learn quickly that this region of New Hampshire is a great place for outdoor fun in any season. Even if you've hiked every trail between Inspiration Point and Cardigan Mountain, there are still probably trails to hike and places to bike that you have yet to explore.

Newfound resident Nancy Lincoln is the author of the new book "The Newfound Play List: Bike, Hike, Kayak, and Walk around Newfound Lake, New Hampshire", published in November 2013.

Description from Amazon:

"Using the award-winning Wellington State Park on Newfound Lake in New Hampshire as home base, the author guides you around the Newfound Lake region encouraging you to "Come Play!" in her backyard. There are great descriptions with turn-by-turn directions for some of the best bike and kayak rides, hikes and walks. Great travel tips and local secrets highlight the best places to eat, shop and stay in the region."

The book is a 6-inch by 9-inch paperback with 80 full color pictures that detail rides and walks with turn-by-turn directions nice write-ups indicating why you might like an outing and possible things you will see. There are also sections on local eateries, places to stay and off-lake activities. In the book Ms. Lincoln details;

  • 8 Bike Rides from Wellington State Park of various degrees of difficulty plus the rail trail
  • 3 Hikes from the Park
  • 6 Walks from the park
  • 5 Kayak rides
  • 6 Bike rides and Hikes

Nancy and her family have been delighting in day trips and vacations to Newfound Lake since 1989 with many extended family members and friends. She treasures her family and enjoys their time together. She is a recreational biker and kayaker and enjoys touring and learning the history of the area.

Since 2010, Nancy and her family have lived near Wellington State Park in Alexandria, NH and she has continued to dabble in her passions of writing and appreciating the outdoors, especially while bike riding, walking, and kayaking.

"Like it says in my book, I am a middle-aged woman in average shape whose day job involves sitting behind a computer for 8 hours a day. For me, exercise has to be fun and playful or I won’t do it. Just as you make musical play lists on a portable device of your favorite songs, this is a play list of my favorite bike and kayak rides, walks, and hikes.

It doesn’t get more fun than riding my bike down the mammoth hills on the north side of Newfound. While the uphills are challenging, the downhills are a blast. I fly down those hills at breakneck speed screaming like a 5-year-old girl the whole way. Now, that is fun!"

Nancy said there were three reasons she wrote "The Newfound Play List"

"The idea behind this book is to share my play lists and encourage anyone of any age and athletic capability to come play! No matter your ability, you will be able to enjoy these rides, hikes and walks.

I so love the Newfound region. I have been luckily embraced by kind neighbors who, by their actions, have welcomed me wholeheartedly. I’d like to give back – with donations to Newfound Pathways and to get more commerce to the area.

I truly believe every home and cottage in the region needs this book. We have all been asked by our houseguests, “Really, what is there to do around here?”. And we chuckle to ourselves and rattle off the same answers. So now, just give them this book. It is easy to hold and fits in the side pocket of your car or across the handlebars of a bike – on the left side is the write-up and hints on what you’ll see and the right side are the turn-by-turn directions."

The Newfound Play List will donate a portion of its profits to Newfound Pathways to help fulfill their mission to build a 17-mile bike/walking trail around Newfound Lake.

"The Newfound Play List: Bike, Hike, Kayak, and Walk around Newfound Lake, New Hampshire" is available online on and at the local businesses listed below:

Cardigan Mountain Orchards General Store
231 Lake Street
Bristol, NH 03222
Phone: (603) 744-2248

Coppertoppe Inn & Retreat Center
8 Range Road
Hebron, NH 03241
Phone: (603) 744-3636

Inn on Newfound Lake
1030 Mayhew Turnpike
Bridgewater, NH 03222
Phone: (603) 744-9111

Newfound Grocery
408 Mayhew Turnpike
Bridgewater, NH 03222
Phone: (603) 744-8616

Pleasant View Bed & Breakfast
22 Hemp Hill Road
Bristol, NH 03222
Phone: 888- 909-2700

TwinDesigns Gift Shop
8 Central Square
Bristol, NH 03222
Phone: (603) 744-2600

Mountain Wanderer Book Store
57 Main St
Lincoln, NH 03251
Phone: (603) 745-2594

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