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The New Year deserves a new focus

From under dog to super dog!
Shiloh Menkens

With what was truly the hardest year of my life behind me, I am now ready to step into this New Year with more energy and focus it on the things that are really important. For the past six months I have been working my way back into life again. The struggle was a financial one. The cure was a spiritual one.

I had to let go of the hurts from my past in order to build some momentum for a better future. There were times when I thought I might not make it through. It was when I opened myself to the love and support that was all around me that I was able to turn my ship around.

It was small at first when the changes started to happen, but it was momentum in the right direction and I milked it for all it was worth. I was willing to do anything; walk a dog, clean a house or scrub a toilet to get my energy moving again.

I now have a steady job with a decent income and I can feel some-what secure again. I want to recognize my family and the community as well as my spiritual family for the help and understanding they gave me when I needed it most.

For me it took a near catastrophe to be able to look around my life and see the beauty of a sunset or the comfort of my bed. It is the small things in life that we take for granted that really make life so much more enjoyable. This year I vow to concentrate on all the good things I have in my life and not worry so much about the things I don’t.

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