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The new way to consume supplements and vitamins - in Pods

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Think of Nespresso Pods or K-Cups but for ultra high quality vitamins, weight-loss, sports nutrition and nootropics products. Podlife is aimed at changing the way we buy and consume supplements. Nutritional content of most vitamins and supplements deteriorate the second they are mixed with liquid which renders most Ready To Drink functional beverages inferior.

Almost every protein beverage on the market being flash heated using Ultra High Temperature (UHT) techniques to increase shelf life they are also loaded with sugar and nasty preservatives.We knew there was a better way to deliver a convenient single serve product that is perfectly dosed and absolute freshness each time. Podlife has also been developed to suit busy people who simply don’t have the time to pre-measure countless different products each day. We want to make it easy for people on the road to have access to a range of high quality supplements where and when they need them. Podlife also helps your cash-flow each month by providing a wide range of Pods for that month, saving the need to buy multiple large products.



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