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Leak suggests that the new thinner iPhone could be called the iPhone Air

Spigen Case on the new iPhone 6
Spigen Case on the new iPhone 6
Used with permission from Spigen

The summer air is heating up, and so are the rumors surrounding the highly anticipated release of this year's iPhone, the iPhone 6. While many in the tech world believe that the new iPhone will indeed be called the iPhone 6, a leak on Twitter dated July 7 from accessory maker Spigen suggests that Apple will abandon the number game and will instead call its new device the iPhone Air.

While the Air name has been around for a while now, the branding has been used exclusively on Apple's iPad lineup, but this is apparently about to change. The tweet which was posted to Spigen's Twitter account shows what appears to be the new iPhone 6/iPhone Air in one of its new cases with the catch phrase ''Can you feel it....'', which is then followed by a statement which reads ''There's something in the Air.'' The post then goes on to state that there will be new iPhone cases arriving soon.

The picture of the iPhone in the post does indeed look like the new iPhone which has been leaked several times already. The corners of the device have a much more rounded design to them, while the physical buttons on the left hand side of the device are oblong in shape. The current versions of the iPhone currently sport round physical controls. The back of the phone shows the iSight camera and what appears to be a dual LED flash. The iPhone that is pictured seems to be a lot thinner than current models, and it is this detail that would lead to one believing the leak about the new Air moniker.

The new iPhone is expected to be announced by Apple this September alongside the new iWatch, and iOS 8. There is no doubt that this year's iPhone release is one of the most important in the history of the smartphone. Apple has been coming under pressure from many to break the mold and bring the iPhone up to par with the latest offerings from Samsung, and HTC from both a hardware, and software standpoint.