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The new 'Supernatural' episode 'Everyone Hates Hitler' is a must watch tonight

Okay, we have a secret society bunker, a Golem and a Nazi necromancer (sounds like the start of a bad joke) but it's tonight's new "Supernatural" episode on the CW, "Everyone Hates Hitler". Tonight's episode was written by Ben Edlund which equals perfection to almost all of the fandom and usually means we're in for a heck of a ride.

"Supernatural" (8.13) "Everyone Hates Hitler"
The CW/Warner Brothers

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean follow the coordinates that Sam was given in "As Time Goes By" which aired last week when they met their grandfather from the 1950's. We were also introduced to a secret society that existed back then called the "Men of Letters" and that Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are Legacies. In tonight's new episode we are given a brand new set to enjoy for a while as the Winchester brothers finally get a place to call home for a while. How awesome is it that this new bunker they get to call home was built by the "Men of Letters" and is a 'supernatural mother-lode' of knowledge stretching over a thousand years and is impervious against any evil ever created? The word awesome comes to mind. I'm excited for the creative direction of the show so far this season and feel confident that we'll see a season nine, too. Of course, a renewal has not been given by the network, yet, but it's looking very promising!

So, make plans to watch tonight's "Supernatural" episode! The show airs on the CW Network -- Wednesday nights at 9 (EST). Watch sneak peek #1 here: Watch Now! and watch the Producer's preview along the side panel.

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