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The new superbugs-Emergence of bacteria containing the NDM gene


  • Profile picture of Diana Rajchel
    Diana Rajchel 5 years ago

    It's scary to think about how many different diseases are springing up that so far can't be cured. It's also kind of ironic considering the so-called epidemics that people were sure would spread like wild fire, meaning they ended up stock-piling meds that now seem unnecessary...

  • Mim 5 years ago

    How did this gene occur ? It must have developed from a less 'harmful' bacteria, do we know what this bacteria is? As you stated in the first paragraph, "It seems if we manage to find a weapon against a bad germ, a worse one will eventually pop up." so does this refer to all 'germs'
    just some questions that i was pondering on!!
    Very good arcticle and i wait for your other ones with great antisipation

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