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The New South Baltimore

"The South Baltimore communities surrounding the new Horseshoe Casino Baltimore are slated to receive $10-$20 million a year in community impact funds, however $3 million dollars from the first two years will now go toward repaying Whiting Turner for the relocation of a steam line on Warner St. near the new casino. The Mayor’s Office released its Year 1 impact funds spending plan last December and, though $2 million was allotted for infrastructure improvements in the area, the steam line relocation was not included in that budget."(South

Celebrities visit South Baltimore. From the MD. House, Delegate Glen Glass, Ways and Means Committee.
Oswald S. Copeland
South Baltimore, a.k.a. Pigtown

Who would believe, this was once known as Pigtown: where the pigs came off the railroad and were herded through the streets to the slaughterhouse: Russell Street, B& O Railroad, Monroe Street, Mount Claire, Carey Street; when Montgomery Ward Department Store, was the biggest thing happening, and the largest population of white folks on government subsidy can be found in Baltimore.

After Montgomery Ward pulled out, the neighborhood went flat, then Mayor Schaefer linked up with Rouse company and associates, to refurbish, what now is THE INNER HARBOR. Baltimore started the resurgence to attract investors. A string of hotels rose out of abandoned warehouses.It is not by accident the Casino's name is," Horseshoe", it is of Pigtown origin, i.e. the horseshoe pit at the Bayard and Ward Street. However, the pigtown residents have not been embraced by the new residents; take for example the failed mall in the B&O compound, designed by former Mayor Donald Schaefer. The "yuppies" did not like rubbing shoulders with the "Pigtowners", they preferred Columbia, or Towson, their Jaguars, Mercedes Benzes, BMWs, and the like looked better in such areas, and would not be broken into. Safeway, one of the original anchor stores, recently left.

AUGUST, 26,2014, is seeing a new South Baltimore. The original and traditional generations cannot afford the 500 thousand dollar luxury apartments. Last week they celebrated South Baltimore Day in Carroll Park, across from the old Montgomery Ward Store, (now an office building). With the Horseshoe Casino pumping all this money into Pigtown, even the Republican politicians came to celebrate the grand opening. Maybe with fresh money, the grills and food at next year's celebration would see a significant upgrade to the new South Baltimore.

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