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The new parent’s guide to mobile photography

Mobile Photography
Mobile Photography

Are you a new parent looking to capture and preserve those beautiful baby stories that’ll fill your life? Invest in a smartphone with a great camera! Any parent can become a top notch phone photographer by using apps and tips that’ll help capture wonderful memories for a lifetime.

There are some general photography tips you should note that really apply to everyone. When taking a shot, avoid direct sunlight. Overcast conditions make your subjects seem cooler, happier and more attractive. Try your best to stabilize your phone by bracing your arms against your body or using furniture. Remember to also avoid distracting backgrounds and wait for that “magic hour” at sunrise or sunset, which allows for optimal color capture.

Smartphone apps can be your biggest allies as you sharpen your mobile photography skills. You’ll want to jot a few down. VSCOCam is the premier photo app for iPhone and Android; Facetune allows users to touch up mobile portrait photos; and Over lets users incorporate gorgeous text and artwork to precious photos. While these apps are great, don’t go overboard when it comes to editing. Resist the urge. Focus on instead capturing meaningful shots that express your beautiful baby stories. Also, keep in mind that you’ll probably get about one really great photo for every ten you take, so keep snapping! If you hold down the + Volume button in iOS 7, it activates “Burst Mode,” which takes up to 10 photos a second.

For more great tips on mobile photography, take a look at the full infographic here!