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The new NoBo Corner Library has a book for you

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So while you probably know all about the renovations at the Main Branch, you may have missed some quieter news about the Boulder Public Library. To wit: An entire new branch has opened up in North Boulder!

To say "an entire new branch" is perhaps to misrepresent things. The NoBo Corner Library at Broadway and Yarmouth is maybe more like a quarter of a branch, a very wee library, a pocket library if you will. It has just enough room for three or four bookshelves bearing a mixed selection of popular titles, a central magazine rack, a couch for reading or resting or enjoying the wi-fi, a few computers for public use, and one more bookshelf for items-on-hold to be picked up.

That last could perhaps be considered the NoBo Corner Library's main function. Since the library is so small, its patrons are asked to be "very targeted, purposeful, and directed in their use of the library." So it's not going to be a prime hanging out and maybe writing venue--for that, you've got Amante across the street, not to mention such places as the North Boulder Cafe, Gamers' Guild, and delicious, delicious Pupusas--but if there's a book you need for your research, or maybe you just want to finish reading the Hugo-nominated novels and every single copy of the Stross, Leckie and Grant is already checked out, OMG you people... you might consider requesting a hold for pick-up at the NoBo Corner Library.

Not that you should feel unduly rushed. The staff are friendly and accommodating, and will not hover over you with a stopwatch and a cattle prod so long as you yourself are equally friendly and accommodating of other patrons.

The NoBo Corner Library is not currently under consideration to be developed into a full-service library similar to the other branches around town. However, says the FAQ, "[o]nce the NoBo Corner Library has been open for a few months, staff will determine if additional programs or services may be offered." Especially if you're a resident of the NoBo/Uptown neighborhood, if there's a service you think would be particularly useful and appropriate to this new library branch, don't be shy about suggesting it.

And if you happen to be there when I come in to pick up my requested-hold copies of Neptune's Brood, Parasite and Ancillary Justice, say hi!


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