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The new iPhone 6 sapphire glass display proves to be almost indestructible

The iPhone 6 is nearly here but not a whole lot is really known about the device, however a new video that was released by Marques Brownlee on July 8 shows that the iPhone's new sapphire glass screen could be the smartphones ultimate secret weapon in the battle to become the strongest smartphone in the world.

iPhone 6 Sapphire Glass
MBlee - Wikimedia Commons

Smartphones are amazing devices but they have always been just a little too fragile. Corning and their Gorilla Glass screens revolutionized mobile devices by making them almost scratch and shatter proof, but their phone screens are still prone to breaking if they hit the floor at just the wrong angle. Thanks to Apple's new sapphire glass displays, scratched and shattered screens could be a thing of the past.

The video that Brownlee has uploaded to YouTube shows the alleged sapphire glass screen taking a beating like no other phone screen has taken before. The $100 million Apple has invested on developing the screen seems to be money well spent, because after being subjected to brutal tests, the sapphire glass escapes without a single scratch.

During the test Brownlee attempts to scratch the screen with a set of keys, but after failing to land a single mark on the display he decides to stab the 4.7-inch sapphire glass screen repeatedly with a very sharp knife. Impressively the sapphire glass screen comes out of the attack without a single mark on it, but what's even more amazing is how well the screen holds up to Brownlee trying to bend and snap the display with his foot.

The new sapphire glass screen that has been developed by Apple in Mesa, Arizona will allow Apple to move away from the Gorilla Glass 3 screen that has been used in previous versions of the iPhone. Early rumors suggested that the new screen technology would only be available on the new 5.5-inch iPhone Phablet, but the video clearly shows that the 4.7-inch iPhone will get the new screen too. The iPhone 6 is expected to launch this September alongside the highly anticipated iWatch.

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