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The new Infantino squeeze station

Infantino squeeze station for homemade food pouches
Infantino squeeze station for homemade food pouches

The Infantino squeeze station is a handy tool for making your own pouches of food for your children. Store bought food pouches are very popular these days and are great for the busy schedules of moms on the go. They are the perfect size for little hands to hold on to and allow your children, even as young as infants, to feed themselves. Most of the varieties available in the store combine fruits and vegetables, although some are made of heartier meals like potato, chicken or beef. The one down side of these pouches is the cost! Most of the pouches available in the store claim to be organic and cost upwards of $1.50 per pouch which really adds up over time.

This is why the new Infantino squeeze station is so awesome. It allows you to make your own food pouches from home! Not only will you save money this way, but you will also know exactly what your children are eating. Best of all, aside from the disposable pouches that come with the squeeze station, you can also purchase silicone reusable pouches from them to cut down on waste! This product is definitely on my wishlist.