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The new Honda Element - now more dog friendlier than ever!


The Dog Friendly™ Element made its public debut at the 2009 New York Auto Show.

The Honda Element has always had many features that made it appeal to dog lovers. The EX model has the FCX fabric which resists spills and fur alike. The floor of the Element is not carpeted so it can easily be cleaned with a rag or sponge. I have to caution anyone not to use a hose to clean out the car. The speakers and other electronics may be damaged (some how this rumor started with the introduction of the vehicle).

Now the Element has gone one-step further to make it even more enjoyable to the canine passenger. Honda is releasing the Dog Friendly™ accessory package in the fall of 2009.

Dogs agree: The Element is one of the most "pet-friendly" vehicles ever. The specially designed collection of accessories will include pet restraint systems, a folding ramp, pet bed, water bowl, electrical fan and more—all designed for the safety and comfort of your beloved canine companion and you.

The Dog Friendly™ Element Concept is likely to include:

  • Pet restraint systems
  • Cushioned pet bed
  • Load-in ramp
  • Dog-pattern second-row seat covers
  • All-season "dog-bone" rubber floor mats
  • Spill-resistant water bowl
  • Electrical fan
  • Tote bag
  • Dog Friendly™ exterior emblems
  • A leash, collar and dog tag ready for custom engraving