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The "new" Gov. Jerry Brown hedging on legalizing marijuana

Do I know this Gov. Jerry Brown?
Do I know this Gov. Jerry Brown?
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Old-time liberal, California Gov. Jerry Brown isn’t sure” he’s for legalizing pot in his state. He feels that many users in the country “could lose its competitive edge if too many people are getting stoned.”

Really? Jerry Brown said that?

The governor worries that if pot smoking gains more legitimacy, it could have negative effects on the state and nation.

Jerry Brown?

It’s a fact that Californians voted to legalize medical marijuana in 1996. However, Brown, the consummate politician in his third term as governor and working on a fourth, said he is watching Colorado and Washington handle their new laws that go a step further by regulating the growth and sale of taxed pot at state-licensed stores.

The governor’s reaction? “The world is dangerous and competitive, so people need to stay alert.
We are talking about the former “Governor Moonbeam” (1977-1985) nd escort of Linda Ronstadt?

Brown made his comments last Sunday to an amazed commentator and political panel in a wide-ranging interview on NBC's "Meet the Press." The now 76-year-old lifelong politician also discussed California's drought problems, climate change and his future political career.

That’s Governor Jerry Brown?

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