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The New Gillette Pro Glide: Is it the next generation in men's grooming?

The Pro Glide, fresh out of the box!
The Pro Glide, fresh out of the box!

In the world of shaving, Gillette has always prided itself as the leader of the pack. And even though they only really have one competitor in Schick, they are constantly trying to out do themselves with the latest and greatest “innovation.” A few years ago, they responded to Schick’s 4-bladed Quattro, with the 5 bladed Fusion (plus an extra “precision” blade on the back). To further change the game, Schick recently released their latest, the Hydro, which comes in a 3 or 5 blade version. Gillette’s move.

The New Gillette Pro Glide
photo courtesey of Procter & Gamble

Next month, Gillette will release the new Pro Glide. They didn’t add another blade, but they completely redesigned the Fusion. They enlarged the lubricating strip; made the five face blades thinner, and added a micro comb to separate and help guide your stubble. They also improved the precision trimming blade on the back by increasing the space for hair to go through, preventing cut follicles from gathering on the cartridge. The grips have also been made larger, but not necessarily more ergonomic, and the colorway is Blue Silver and Black.

When my preview Pro Glide arrived in the mail, I was a bit skeptical that this was just another gimmick. I’m also worried as to how much more of an increase in price this new Pro Glide and razor refills will have. I will admit that the addition of the micro comb is a nice touch, and definitely makes for a smoother shave, but that’s about it. I felt that the new grips made it a bit too clunky, and I didn’t really notice a difference with the larger lubricating strip. Another plus is the increase space underneath the precision trimmer on the back, there was no hair collected in it during my shave, which was a complaint I had with the Fusion, even after rinsing the blade. All in all, it may come across as gimmicky to most; it is a more comfortable shave, but no closer than a shave with my Fusion.

The Gillette Pro Glide will be available nationwide, and in Atlanta retailers on June 6, 2010.


  • Silky Smooth 4 years ago

    I tried this product on my balls and it totally cut my sac. I would like to know if you tried this product on your testies and if you had the same effect?

  • RipCut 4 years ago

    I can't believe this. I had the exact same experience with this product. I mean, talk about Owy!!!

  • Sloppy 3rds 4 years ago

    I found the precision trimmer in the back to work well on the area between my balls and anus..otherwise known as the taint.

  • Fag9 4 years ago

    The gillette is amazing for a little shaving fun with your partner but with five razors, not cutting my partners' sac is harder than my boner when I'm seven deep in his portal

  • Joeink 4 years ago

    Oh ya, sure! Get the black man to write and article about shaving. Examiner you racist bastards. I can see straight through your crap.

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