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The New Facial Oil To Try: Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip seeds on a rose bush
Rosehip seeds on a rose bush
Eden Botanicals

Facial oils, or beauty oils, are the new skincare trend, and rosehip seed oil is becoming the new champion. There’s an oil on the market for every skin type and skin concern, but rosehip seed oil is great for most skin types. Rose bushes and rosehip seeds grow throughout the Andes mountains in South America. This oil is a natural skincare wonder and the perfect addition to a natural beauty routine.

Rosehip seed oil contains high concentrations of omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9 and vitamin E that hydrate dehydrated and dry skin. Rosehip seed oil also contains naturally high concentrations of vitamin C which can help to reduce the appearance of skin discolorations like sun spots. A scientific research study found that vitamin C helps to mop up free radicals from the UV rays and help to remove sun damage to your skin cells. Here’s another little known secret: rosehip seed oil also contains carotenoids which convert to vitamin A. Though different that vitamin A based prescription creams like retinoids or over the counter retinol, natural vitamin A is a beneficial antioxidant for healthy skin cells.

When choosing a rosehip seed oil, look for a cold-pressed oil that is rich in color. A study from the American Oil Chemists’ Society found that cold pressing the oil was the best method of extracting the oil since it had the least negative effect on the oil’s composition. A quality carotenoid rich rosehip seed oil will be a golden orange color, and not a light yellow shade. You can find rosehip seed oil in your natural foods store, online, and in boutiques.