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A soldier from the U.S. Army's 988th Military Police Company trains an Iraqi police officer on how to properly hold a weapon during a two-week basic military training course at Forward Operating Base Kalsu, Iraq, on May 2, 2006.
A soldier from the U.S. Army's 988th Military Police Company trains an Iraqi police officer on how to properly hold a weapon during a two-week basic military training course at Forward Operating Base Kalsu, Iraq, on May 2, 2006.
DoD photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Katrina Beeler, U.S. Navy.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which has close links with the Al-Qaeda network in Iraq, attacked Kurdish neighborhoods in the Tell Abyad area of northern Syria on Monday. The town of Tell Abyad is situated roughly 65 miles (105 km) north of Raqqah. It has a population of some 30,000—a mixture of Kurds and Arabs—and is considered to be an international border between Turkey and Syria. Local activists said: “The attack came against the backdrop of the Kurdish refusal to swear allegiance to the emir (leader) of the group/state, Abu Musa’b, who was arrested by a Kurdish military formation on Saturday and later released in a prisoner exchange deal between the two parties.”

As the story develops we must examine the root causes of this expansions and rises of ISIS. To truly understand the concept of terrorism and its recent connection to criminal justice system we must first understand that terrorism is a resort to or threat of violence by a group I pursuit of political goals in opposition to established authority. Neither the individual penal codes nor international law recognizes terrorism as a terrorism by itself. But the various forms terrorism may take, ranging from murder to assault, arson, and hostage taking, are terrorisms. The United States has developed its own original tactics in addressing terrorism. After 9/11 the country and the world realized that terrorist and international criminal organizations where no longer the mythical characters of Bruce Willis films i.e. Die Hard series, rather they are profitable, well organized and trained entities that are motivated both by financial profit and by political power. The methods of terrorism are various in categories they range from the illegal drug trade to the trafficking of women and children and weapons.

The technological revolution of the 20th and 21st century has made growth easier. With the integration of international markets and cultural globalization law enforcement has seen a reinvention of old terrorisms. The united states have had to integrate its resources to effectively keep pace. The United States have created departments such as Homeland Security to focus and monitor threats of international terrorism such as illegal aliens, the search and seizer of cargo entering in our ports that is thought to be carrying weapons of global destruction. Some experts argue that terrorist goals should not be included in the definition. Not all terrorisms that fit this definition are socially constructed as terrorism. There are many forms of terrorism, six to be more specific.

Nationalist terrorism ‘s objective is to seek out domestic and international support for a group’s goal of forming a separate state and example is (IRA) Irish Republic Army and the PLO Palestine Liberation Organization. Religious terrorism focuses on the use of violence against nonbelievers to establish religious state examples are al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah’s. State sponsored terrorism is used by established states to pushes foreign policies through violence. Right wing terrorism target liberal targets and symbols to push a conservative ideology it is fundamental rooted in a far right ideology. The opposite is left wing terrorism which is thought to be a socialist movement to over ride right wing capitalism examples are weatherman and the red brigade of Italy. Anarchist terrorism is simply the over through of established and replace with the with no establishments of any kind. To understand terrorism you have understand the platform in which terrorist derive the ideological platform. Researchers must ask the question who are the left wing and right wing fanatics and what do they believe in and what do they stand for and against. George and Wilcox established that both the extreme left and the extreme right share a common set of principles. These principles are the standard criteria that is used by law enforcement to profile potential extremist and their followers.

• Exhibit absolute certainty they have the truth.

• Hatred of opponents
• Low regard for open societies and therefore little confidence in democratic process
• Willingness to deny basic civil liberties to certain fellow citizens
• Consistent indulgence in irresponsible accusations and character assassination

When economic instability combined with political and socio-ethic unrest combine they create an unstable climate that provides the breeding ground for destructive idealism. This interns provides adequate recruiting resources for violate religious or political leaders. When the economy is in a down spin in the United States the military sees its highest numbers in recruiting these stem from inner city youth who need jobs to support family or to provide social structure. The same concept applies to recruiting for suicide bombers. We must address the social problem before we hope to stop these radical ideologists from consuming the intellectual and natural resource that are our youth.

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