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The new eyes of Google?

Big Blue eye with contact lens
Big Blue eye with contact lens
Niek Beck via Flickr

Google has been a staple in technology for the past ten years. From search engines to smart phones, they have been a top leader in the technological marketplace. About a year ago, Google released Google Glass to a select group of consumers. The product allows users to wirelessly connect to their smartphone via Bluetooth allowing you to make face to face video chats, web searches and video recordings all through the Google glass lens visible to only the wearer. In the newest release of Google Glass, consumers can enjoy functionality more similar to a personal smartphone. Google glass can be purchased for a smooth $1500 and the technological possibilities are endless, but is there something even better on the horizon?

Back in January, Google X labs patented a smart contact lens meant for diabetics to monitor blood glucose levels and other medical uses. Although it is said that the uses for Google Lens will specifically be for medical purposes, it is hard to believe that the technology will end there. With all the abilities to tether between devices wirelessly, it may be safe to assume that Google will harness this technology in a contact lens as well. Just like Google Glass, Google Lens could eventually have the ability to display images on a translucent screen visible to only the wearer. Smartphone functionality may be harnessed and used to put the best of information technology right before your very eyes, wherever you go.

There are some really awesome technologies on the horizon and you can bet that Google will be a step ahead of the game. Watch for Google lens in the near future and keep your eyes open for smart phone functionality coupled with smart lenses. The future of information technology just in front of your eyes, all you have to do is watch for it.