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ISIS, The new Caliphate, what it wants

“The men, about seven hundred in all…were sent for in small groups, and every group was made to sit alongside the trench that was to be his grave…The younger companions cut off their heads with a stroke of the sword.”

This incident coming from 8th century Arab historian Ibn Ishak, was retold in “Muhmamad: his life based on the earliest sources, by Martin Lings describes an incident which Muhammad conducted in the late 620s c.e., a war of conquest that spread long after Muhammad died, like wildfire for a 100 years before it was stopped.

Our enemies get their inspirations from phases like the one above.

Beginning in 622 c.e. Mohammad’s Hijera, the flight from Mecca to Medina, was the last major retreat the Muslims took until 732 c.e when Charles Martel of France stopped them at Tours. If the Muslims would have succeeded, history would have been changed forever. Muslim dominance would have destroyed Christian Europe, reshaped it, and, today would be Muslim and look and act much in the same way as North Africa.

ISIS leaders are thinking about revenge for that time and would like to complete what the Muslims came so close to achieving 1400 years ago.

The new Caliphate now in Iraq and Syria represents the beginning of a 300 year old dream, hatched out of Wahabi culture in the isolated sands of today's Saudi Arabia. These Muslims have been looking to repeat the unstoppable Muslim charge of the seventh century. ISIS means to turn back the clock to that time ironically with 21st century technology.

What we are looking at with the recent Caliphate gains is the beginning of World War III. We can’t depend on our president to lead in stopping this madness. He has 2 ½ years left to go in office. The New Caliphate can do a lot of damage between now and then. Mohammed conquered land half the size of the United States in that period of time.

We just can’t wait until he leaves office.

Any real opposition to the rise of Muslim dominance will have to fall on the leaders of Europe. Alliying themselves with friendly non Muslim states in the region mainly India and Israel, Europe will destroy our common enemy for us.

America, shamefully, will sit this one out and let others do its fighting for it.