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The new Bill Cosby show could air as early as next summer with multi-cam format

The new Bill Cosby show could air as early as next summer with multi-cam format
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Earlier this year, we learned that Bill Cosby may be returning to family-oriented sitcom television for the NBC Network. The veteran actor and comedian is said to be involved in the development of a show where he would once again play the patriarch, according to the Inquisitr on July 14. After a television series absence of more than 30 years, fans of the 77 year old are delighted.

The show which is currently untitled is being discussed as being “classic, extended-family sitcom” with Cosby in the lead role as head of the family – a part he knows well. His earlier show, “The Cosby Show”, aired for 8 years. In it, he played Heathcliff Huxtable, a doctor married to a lawyer, Claire (Phylicia Rashād). The couple had 5 children – 4 girls and a boy. The show ran for 8 seasons, during which time, the Huxtables became grandparents. The multi-generational show was a hit across most age and cultural groups.

The original show was largely based on many of Cosby’s standup routines which were drawn from his own family experiences. The success of the show was c credited with the revival of the sitcom and with reversing the flagging fortunes of NBC.

The new show will be more focused on modern life in an attempt to capture a new audience as well as appealing to older fans. The network has said that it plans to bring back the use of multiple cameras when the series goes into production. There will also be a live studio audience present during filming. The technique goes back to the “I Love Lucy” show, according to NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt. He says an entire generation of writers and producers have come and gone who never used the multi-cam format. He feels now is a good time to bring it back.

The show is still in the writing stage according to the Huffington Post but if all goes well, NBC thinks it could air as early as next summer or fall. The sooner Bill Cosby’s new show is on the air, the better!