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The New Big Thunder Mountain Opens Monday

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Reopens Monday
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Reopens Monday
Kate O'Mara

Screams and laughter last the whole length of the ride. Be ready to surprise yourself with some hysterical laughing or thrilled screaming.

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad seemed like it was closed forever. The Imagineers decided to redesign the ride for more thrill and a better track for the mining cars to fly through the mountain.

After a wait in the preview event line, we boarded. Just as before we sat on the comfortable seats, pulled down on the safety bar and away we went. The take-off is smooth.

Entering the mountain there are plenty of cave dwellers waiting to surprise riders. The huge cave includes stalactites and stalagmites with beautiful pools of water. Then the trip really begins!

Oh my goodness, hang on for some fun up and down plus side to side and around about! The track is smooth, long and super fun.

Heading back into the mountain is a trip when the realization hits, that’s dynamite and that’s a flame. Jeez, this isn’t looking very good, then BOOM.

The cost of the project was set at $4 million dollars to renovate Big Thunder Mountain which originally opened in 1979. The ride was overdue for the refurbishment.

Big Thunder Railroad opens to the public on St Patrick’s Day, Monday, March 17, 2014. The lines will be long but I think you will agree, it’s worth the wait.

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