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The new BFF -- Burn Fat Fast

A revolution is coming to how we exercise.

Fitness veterans and newbies alike are realizing they can spend hours on the treadmill or elliptical, and only get minimal fat and weight-loss benefits, and almost zero physique and body-shaping improvements.

The typical ages-old cardio does almost nothing for upper body development and overall physique.

Markedly more superb results are coming from science-based exercise formats that are shorter and more intense, and that integrate free-weights and body-weight resistance exercises with cardiovascular work. These shortened workouts do away with the typical 30 to 60 minute daily grind in the cardio room that is preceded or followed by resistance training.

Let me say that this training concept is not new, but it has evolved from the old days as all fitness should be doing -- emphasis on should be doing.

Two or three times per week I train using the shorter, more intense format. I am absolutely convinced that it produces fat loss and lean hard muscle faster than anything else. The only exclusion I would make is that it won't build gigantic muscles for extreme bodybuilders of either gender.

The video above demonstrates the type of training I am talking about. It is presented by Dr. Josh Axe. Note that a beginner does not need to start at this level. And the beauty is you don't have to. You start where you and gradually push it up a notch.

The deflated marshmallow look versus BurstFIT training

I have said many times that when you do nothing but cardio training, all that happens is you become a thinner version of your fatter, former self.

Cardio might lead to some weight loss, but your muscles will remain soft and jiggly. You will look like somebody who didn't get fat as they got older, but you also will look like you never did anything in your entire life. It is the deflated marshmallow look.

Dr. Josh Axe states it a bit more eloquently:

"Long distance cardiovascular exercise can actually decrease testosterone and raise your stress hormone levels like cortisol. Increased cortisol in turn stimulates the appetite, increases fat storage, and slows down or inhibits exercise recovery."

Express lane to hard and ripped

Dr. Josh Axe is a sports doctor, nutritionist, natural health advocate, and fitness devotee.

His expertise has produced a workout program that does away with the typical long and boring cardio sessions that most people despise for the sheer boredom and diminishing returns on investment.

Everybody would have an oh-my-goodness-look-at-that body if they could get one by taking a pill instead of having to do something. If you have not evolved beyond waiting for that pill to come along you should stop right here.

Cardiovascular health and muscle development by BurstFIT

In my experience the training format in BurstFIT is the way to go for cardiovascular health benefits, and lean and hard muscle development. Generally speaking, I believe that too much cardio without resistance training destroys your physique.

BurstFIT type training has been a secret of athletes and trainers for a very long time. What has happened over the years is the format has been improved and modernized so it is applicable for us mere mortals who also have to go to work, feed the dog, and, well, you get the picture.

I won't go overboard extolling the virtues of BurstFIT training. Instead you can use the links provided and Dr. Josh Axe and others experts will coach you along the path to enlightenment.

I just want to say that I train this way and recommend it to anybody male or female including GIGANTIC BODYBUILDERS who at some point need to burn fat for a show. To them I would suggest they do some research into how excessive cardio kills testosterone.

Dr. Axe has a free training program online that is a good education in why you want to do this. It's a good starter program or an introduction to this type of training and how BurstFIT:

  • Uses short, high-intensity exercises followed by adequate recovery.
  • Allows you to train like a sprinter rather than a marathon runner. Would you rather look like an Olympic sprinter, or a marathon runner?
  • Can be done anywhere.
  • Ignites metabolism for up to 48 hours after your workout
  • Reduces workout time
  • Delivers visible results fast.

Onward to the freebies

You can sample BurstFIT training by Dr. Josh Axe at this link There is more than enough to put a workout together.

You can also visit the Dr. Josh Axe online studio. While there you can get a free eBook, lots of free articles, and get a link to his online broadcasts.

This link is to a whole bunch of Dr. Josh Axe video training sessions and interviews with other fitness gurus.

For the more advanced and super-devotees of fitness

The Dr. Josh Axe three-disc workout program BurstFIT Fire can produce great results in only four weeks. And I would add that if you follow the format, you will see results no matter what your fitness level when you begin.

In the three-disc series, Dr. Axe takes you through a workout program that combines interval training and strength conditioning for one killer workout. BurstFIT Fire is ideal for busy people who plan their lives around fitness and health, and newbies alike.

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