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The new 'Bachelor' has been confirmed

Cast of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette."
Cast of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette."
Photo by Angela Weiss

Sources, (ok one), have confirmed Chris Soules, the hunky farmer from Iowa, will be “The Bachelor” when the reality TV franchise returns in January of 2015. Although ABC has yet to officially announce the news, the spoiler is from the man who is rarely wrong when it comes to “Bachelor” rumors.

As the “Live Viewing Event” watched Andi Dorfman choose Josh, Chris Harrison interviewed the newest “Bachelor in Paradise” contestants in the audience. Michelle Money wanted to know who the new “Bachelor” would be, and the host alluded Chris Soules would be the next heartbreaker, however, ABC never made an official announcement when the finale wrapped, much to the dismay of fans.

Dorfman didn’t want to “blame it on Iowa” when she failed to select the 32-year-old Chris Soules. The six-foot-one-inch tall “Bachelor” quickly became a fan favorite for his rugged good looks and farm boy charm and was a shoe-in to take the reins. Viewers waited with anticipation and finally Reality Steve tweeted his “official announcement” that the farmer signed his contract. According to the only source, film crews were out-and-about with Chris. The new “Bachelor” was allegedly filmed at the Franklin/Roosevelt Hotel in Strawberry Point where the ABC crew stayed, at the Wagon Wheel Bar in Arlington and at the Iowa State Fair. Reality Steve suggested the authorized ABC announcement will occur in September when filming of the new season of “The Bachelor” begins.

Chris Soules has also bee seen chatting it up with Republicans, specifically enjoying a photo opportunity at the Iowa State Fair with the newly indicted Texas Governor Rick Perry. The new friends even tweeted each other. Political discussions are rare on “The Bachelor,” and these recent events could make for interesting television once the new season premieres. For now, fans of the reality TV dating franchise can keep up with all of the dating drama on the Bachelor in Paradise, which airs in the same timeslot.