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The new Apple iPad dominates the website, but not the Canadian site,

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, displayed the latest Apple product to the world today.

The much-anticipated flat notebook tablet computer has already been hailed as the greatest thing since Apple's last great thing (by Apple fans) and as an overgrown iPhone with nothing special to offer computer users (by non-Apple fans).

Although the website opens with a multi-page promo for the iPad, the Canadian site hasn't caught up yet.  Even in "Hot Headlines", there's no headline for the iPad.

Apple has announced there will be a built-in iBooks application.  After Canadians waited so long to get the Amazon Kindle, it may turn out that the Apple iPad makes it obsolete.

The iPad is priced at $499 US, and is expected to start shipping in late March.

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It's in the comments to the various articles where the factional rivalries show up.