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The never-ending problem of evil

From Isis to Boko Haram, evil groups just seem to continue to pop up out of nowhere. We think we have stopped all evil or had the war to end all wars and then we have another school shooting or are exasperated by feeling forced into yet another exhausting war. When will it ever end? The true story of Noah from the Bible, not the dark and perverted film by that title, tells us the answer.

Drop a nuke on our enemies and get rid of the problem? It doesn't work that way. We may naively think that if we just eradicate an entire generation of evil doers there will be no more, yet the great lesson from the story of Noah is that that is false thinking. Evil will always be with us. Rather than thinking about eradicating evils like crime, terrorism and extremism perhaps we need think more about control.

The problem we then have is the creation of overly intrusive governments and a slippery slope to dictatorship which none of us want. NSA spying is far more effective than the Gestapo under Hitler or the Stasi under East German Communism. Where it will lead is anyone's guess, but one question on all of our minds is, who will stop the potential for evil in government as government tries to stop the potential for evil in the rest of us? Abuse of private information for raiding bank accounts, blackmail, curtailing individual freedoms or more by both rogue agents and the government as a whole is far too tempting.

The problem of evil is one that affects all of us. We see honest people enter politics only to be completely corrupted by a system which calls bribes campaign contributions and the balance of power filibustering. It is rare to find a politician honest enough to pay a compliment to the other side and an unwillingness to admit truths that the other side may have means that lies are being told by both sides.

From unhealthy food for profit to pollution for profit, from drug company corruption to bank fees, from CEO excesses to the poor dying without health care, evil is all around us. It will not end until Jesus Christ returns and rewards those who choose not to be a part of the problem but to live a different way of life.

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