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The Netherlands introduces the world's first 'E-Njoint'

Like cigarette smokers, potheads can now smoke their weed electronically. The latest project is the release of the E-Njoint; a play on the words “enjoy” and “joint.” The Metro U.K. news reported the story today. The new product is courtesy of the Netherlands, and comes in various fruity flavors. Also, there is no nicotine, THC or tobacco involved. Smokers can now enjoy their weed in either liquid or dry form. For now, the E-Njoint is only available in Europe.

The Netherlands introduces the worlds first 'E-Njoint.'
Metro Facebook page

The standard product offers 500 puffs and comes in six different flavors. The website lists their home office in Delft, The Netherlands. Although the home office is in Europe, the product is made in Shenzhen, China. E-Njoint is also in discussions with Tikun Olam, a business that markets medical marijuana. provides more information about the latest products offered by the company. The site offers a decent variety of products. For instance, the site offers:

  • E-njoint Disposable
  • E-njoint Rechargeable
  • E-njoint Vaporizer
  • My E-njoint

If the product makes it to America, Washington and Colorado will likely offer the product to its American customers. In 2012, voters in Washington and Colorado passed laws to allow residents over 21 to smoke marijuana. Although marijuana is legal for smoking and medical purposes (in 22 states and the District of Columbia), Congress still considers marijuana a dangerous product.

The official Whitehouse website states that marijuana is a controversial topic in America. The government site also says campaigns to legalize marijuana lead to the false belief that marijuana isn’t dangerous. They also believe legalizing marijuana thwarts efforts to keep young people from using drugs and hinders the recovery of drug addicted individuals.

In recent news, New York is trying to become the next state to offer medical marijuana. If Governor Cuomo approves the law, New York will become the 23rd state to allow medical marijuana.

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