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The neon dress is trending big time

On Jan. 11, the neon dress is trending just as the award show season starts to spring into every excited fashionista's stylish life.

Hail the neon dress
Getty Images/ Jason Merritt

Yes, that's right: The red carpet beckons, with the Golden Globes set to air on Sunday and with the Critic's Choice Awards and the People's Choice Awards on view earlier this week.

With that in mind, all award shows allow certain special entertainers and A-listers to show off their brighter sartorial statements, up to and including the return of wearing neon.

So, while being on the lookout, remind yourself that this is a repeat of a fashion trend. Indeed, the neon dress is not a new fashion idea, having hit top runways and edgy boutiques in spring of 2012, as well as experiencing a huge heyday back in the 1980s when the concept reached fever pitch in the U.S. and in other parts of the world as well.

Still, this shocking slew of hues is suddenly being seen all once again over the place on every sort of person, from your favorite next door neighbor to your favorite Hollywood type. But it's the latter group who can often support a trend so that the particular trend can keep on trending.

Consider Lea Michele on the red carpet at the People's Choice Awards 2013.

The "Glee" star's shocking pink frock by Elie Saab portrayed such a hot neon that you can bet with confidence this dress could glow in the dark.

Also truly glowing under the sun at the same event held at Nokia Theatre L.A. in Tinseltown was the excessively bright ensemble on teen actress Chloe Moretz. The 15-year-old rocked a screaming yellow neon Simone Rocha dress for the event, calling to style watchers keeping an eye on this too award show's fashion runway on January 9, 2013.

So, with just these two of dozens of examples of the aggressively sartorial crowd who just happen to be high profile people among so many more cutting edge thespians and edgy fashionistas who are showing off the neon dress trend on the runway, on the red carpet, and in real life situations, you have to wonder who will embrace this trend again.

No worries. This particular panicky query will be suitably quelled come this Sunday when the Golden Globes blast Hollywood for 2013. So, with that said, no doubt the neon dress will hit Hollywood by at least one or even three influential nominees and/or presenters.

That said, stay tuned for the big show after you make sure your TV set is suitably color balanced for this high profile, very fashionable Tinseltown event.


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