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The negative effects of finances on relationships

The negative effects of finances on relationships
The negative effects of finances on relationships

It is true what they say, money is the root of all evil, but just like guns, it's the people that give these items the power. Finance within a relationship can result in such profound pressure that the initial feelings of love and romance become a far gone memory. The worst part has to be that financial pressure creeps in through many different cracks. In some cases the partner is to blame, and in other scenarios both fall victim to what can be considered reckless spending. Keep in mind that sometimes forces of nature like losing a job or falling ill can also attribute to the problem.

Hiding the Financial Situation

More often than not a partner will be responsible for the biggest responsibilities regarding finances. This might be due to a bigger salary or maybe they might be a lone provider so-to-speak. When money problems strike the person responsible can feel obligated to lie for several reasons. It could be a matter of pride or protecting the partner, either way it causes problems. Just like every other aspect of a relationship, trust plays a big part and lying about money problems can lead to bad consequences and trust issues when the secret is revealed.

Reckless Spending

Many couples face the problem of a partner over spending based on a psychological need. Whether reckless spending can be attributed to low self-esteem or simply a type of disorder, the partner trying to keep the finances stable ultimately breaks down. This is a natural reaction because bankruptcy means losing the house or needed furniture. Empathy can only stretch so far and if the spending party doesn't drastically seek help then it can be the end of the relationship.

Placing Blame

Another aspect of finances relying on one part of the relationship can become a situation where blame and resentment is the order of the day. The partner that didn't want any part of handling the money might not be understanding when problems start to surface. This typically becomes a blame game on the responsible partner for not doing a good job, while the responsible partner starts to feel resentment towards the other.

Significant Differences Regarding Incomes

Modern times have seen many women earn more money than men. Although this shouldn't be considered a bad thing, the question of who is in control tends to create a great strain between lovers. It usually happens when finances aren't looking good and the separation on a financial level simply doesn't work well with the principles of a relationship, which is based on unity.

Natural Causes

Looking at circumstance where neither party is at fault can still become a great concern. If the income is too small more hours or a second job might be necessary. When this happens less time is spent together. Both parties are tired and suffering from stress. When they finally do spend some time together it ends up in fights. Simply living on the breadline can break down a quality relationship. Losing a job and putting all the responsibility on one partner, especially when the income isn't very high, it's only a matter of time before it takes its toll.

Yours and Mine

Many couples prefer to be in control of their own money. The bills are divided and each has to take care of those specific responsibilities. If the cash flow between the both of them is strong then it can be a great way of approaching finances, but in most circumstances one partner is unhappy. Once again the differences in income are a defining element.

These are just a few situations where money can cause great strain on any relationship. If every situation has to be recorded then it will fill hundreds of pages. Ultimately it's not the money that causes the bad vibes between lovers, but natural instincts to survive and maintaining a good quality of life. For some money is just the start of controversy because it might begin as a small argument, but it can elevate into something bigger. Financial strain has broken some of the strongest relationships and thanks to the image that needs to be presented to the world; it will continue to do so. Breaking the barriers that money creates is not an easy task.

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