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The need to move forward

The need to move forward
The need to move forward
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We are living our daily lives in recovery when we begin to notice a slight discomfort. We don't think too much of it because we have learned that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and we don't want to fall back into unhealthy patterns of over-analyzing everything. So we continue on our way. But the discomfort grows. It feels similar to when clothing becomes too tight. Rather than letting it get to the point of pain that forces us to change (which is common behavior for us addicts) we pause and try to figure out what's happening.

We look at aspects of our lives that aren't fitting quite right anymore. Maybe it is something as basic as our clothes and we need to become more mindful of what we eat. Or perhaps it's a person we associate with who has become quite unhealthy. Or a meeting we've outgrown. Or a meditation book that's been read to the point of staleness. There are a myriad of aspects in life that can impede forward progress. And many of them are pretty simple.

But then here comes our addicts brains causing problems. We don't want to let go. We don't like change. We rationalize that everything else is going well. So what if this one area is uncomfortable.

Well, let's think about what we have learned on our recovery journey. If we don't deal with an unhealthy area of our lives, it doesn't just go away. It usually gets worse.

We learn much from our fellow creatures and in this case, we can learn from the snakes. Snakes have been given a bad reputation over time; partly because of the bible and partly because some of them can harm us. We don't like them and want to avoid them. Which is ironic as addicts because we love booze and drugs and gambling and many other things that harm us. The snake is actually a powerful and noble creature. It knows exactly what path it needs to take and when it's time to shed its skin, it does so without even having to think about it. The snake's instincts tell it that it has outgrown its skin and to molt or it will become sick and die. Very simple. Shed what is no longer useful and move forward. A new skin grows to replace the old and all is well.

So figure out what you have outgrown and let it go. The source will provide a replacement and you will continue your forward progress. It is your recovery. Do you want to be miserable or do you want to feel serene?