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The need for diapers

Many families are in need of diapers in the Denver area
Many families are in need of diapers in the Denver area
Associated Press

Most mothers have the incredible luxury of being able to take for granted the fact that they can change their babies diapers whenever they need to.  However, in the Denver area, and indeed nationwide, many mothers have no choice but to use the same diaper all day due to poverty.

As the lucky parents that we are, it is hard to imagine having to do this to our child.  It makes them uncomfortable, smelly and could cause major diaper rash.  However, there is a way to help.  You can donate diapers to food kitchens and the Denver Rescue Mission.  They can then hand them out to mothers who come to get food for their families.  Think of the difference this could make for a mother and her child.

As the recession continues, families who can donate food and goods to those less fortunate have the unique opportunity of teaching their children empathy and compassion at an early age.  Having your child help you buy canned goods, diapers or baby food, and personal hygiene products and donate them to people in need will help them remember how lucky they are.  It also teaches them how simple it is to help those in the community who may not have everything they need.  Another great thing kids can donate are gently used toys and new coloring books and crayons.  Kids who are living in a shelter will be happy to have something to play with and it is a great way for your child to identify with another child who is in need.