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The near death experience

Nothing defines the nature of spirituality like the nature of near death experiences. Anyone who has ever had one or knows someone who has had one realizes the deep foundational shift in awareness that accompanies realization that the body is a brief manifestation of Spirit in an Eternity of Reality.

Religions abound with writings that point to this one truth; that we are spiritual beings in a relative or ‘dream like’ experience brought on by sensory experiences in time/space. The Core of who we are is The Unknowable Source of Consciousness. Consciousness or what has been called the ‘Mind of Christ’ receives its existence from the sacred mystery that is the Source of All Existence.

What has just been stated is not debated among spiritual people but is considered unscientific nonsense by materialistic people. This includes many scientists. Materialists believe that consciousness is derived from the brain and is a by-product of the material and energetic universe.

In October of 2012 Dr Eben Alexander published a book entitled Proof of Heaven. In the book Dr Alexander recounts his out of body experiences while in a coma induced by bacterial meningitis. The medical and scientific impossibility of having the experience described by Dr Alexander with a brain in almost total incapacity is scientific evidence for the existence of consciousness beyond brain and not dependent on the brain and body.

Doctor Alexander a well known neurosurgeon meticulously investigates all the scientific explanations of the experience he recounts as a ‘near death experience’ and dismisses them one by one based on their failure to meet rigorous scientific standards for valid hypothesis. There may be a yet undiscovered explanation to prop up the scientific world view but Dr. Alexander is convinced that his experience is just more proof to the spiritually inclined person that there is evidence that points to the spiritual nature of life as the foundation for all material existence.

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